First Blog!

Well, after two years of having this website I have finally found the blog page! Haha! I guess we never stop learning, huh? As long as we keep searching and keep ourselves open and available to life’s little (and big) lessons. I will attempt to keep this short and sweet. Just and little entry to get the ball rolling here.

Life has been full of many changes, surprises, challenges and accomplishments these past couple years. From getting my Yoga Teacher Certificate to teaching my first class on land, then on the ocean, with dry spells in between, gears shifting to various other forms of work, sprinkling in some Ayurveda with some Traditional Chinese Medicine and most recently the biggest and best finale of it all was a Celebration of Love and Light at Boom Festival 2018. Sigh, what the universe has planned for us is so much bigger than we could ever imagine. I am so happy to let go and let live. Yes, it is scary as hell sometimes. Let go? I don’t want to! I’m afraid I’ll fall, drown, get lost…die. But that’s truly not possible. We are humans, we thrived beyond the stage of being a little seed and we will thrive on, there is no doubt about that. You will never let yourself be less than you are so trust that, trust yourself to show up for yourself and relax, let go, and watch the universe provide with with limitless, unending possibilities. You will take leaps and bounds like Pocahontas prancing through the forest if you just let yourself be free, believe, soar!

Please feel free to post anything here. Let’s get the conversation started! Peace and Love

Hmm, now it looks like I’ve “blogged” twice before. Maybe I didn’t realize what I was doing. πŸ™‚

Oh, also, I wanted to share one more thing. This is a quote from Geneen Roth’s webpage for her book This Messy Magnificent Life. “Yet it was only when Geneen stopped trying to change herself – that she was at last able to feel at home in her mind, body, and life.” Wow, so powerful! If you have a self-curiosity, a yearning to live your better and best life, are looking for answers or to be understood, even if you don’t know it yet. Geneen Roth has published multiple books, Women, Food, and God and This Messy Magnificent Life are just a couple. She also has a FB page where she is very active. It’s a great resource and I just wanted to share it with you all here. Let me know if you have any questions on how to access Geneen Roth and her powerful tools. She also holds retreats.

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