Human Connection

Get out there. Meet people. Talk to people. Go to an event or just go on a walk. You never know what you might see, who you might meet, how you’ll be inspired and what might tweak your life just a little bit more in a positive direction. Over the weekend I went to the Feira Alternativa with a fellow yoga friend I just met. I often plan to do these things but then bail on myself last minute. (Mental note, plan with a friend, it makes it harder to bail-out.) While here I experienced a peaceful sound massage as Ana placed the heavy copper bowls (one on my upper back, then legs, feet) and gave each one a voice as she struck it and it sang its unique vibrations throughout my body bringing me into harmony. The vibration of the bowls gets transmitted into your body, and since we are 70% water our whole body starts singing in harmony. It was so grounding (also, I was laying on the ground, haha :)) and peaceful. Such a nice connection with Ana, with Earth, and with myself. We carried on having an inspiring conversation with the director of an Ayurvedic School here in Sintra opening doors and creating opportunities. Before we knew it, it was time for me to leave. I had to get back home to take care of my lovely aging boxer, Joker. After which I decided, since I had no food in the house and the only store that was open didn’t have what I wanted to make for dinner, to go to my favorite local restaurant, and wouldn’t you know it…I stood in the middle of the restaurant and scanned the place for a seat that I thought would be comfortable to spend the next 30 minutes or so, to eat my vegetarian meal, have one eye on Joker and then finish our walk home. I asked a lovely, slightly older (64 to be exact), heavier set, darker skinned woman slowly eating a Bifana (steak sandwich) and drinking a non alcoholic beer, if I could sit next to her, she accepted my company. I separated our individual two-top tables to create space so we could sit as two, single ladies out to dinner, not as two single ladies out to dinner. It wasn’t long (surprise surprise) before we got to talking. It was as if the fair followed me home. She was born in Angola, raised catholic turned ___. She started speaking of Sattvic eating (where you don’t eat garlic and onions so that you can reach a higher state of meditation) vegetarianism, veganism, reflexology, astrology, motherhood (her daughter is married  and lives in Italy), relationships (after asking God for an Italian man when she was living in London he brought one into her life, for her daughter!)…we got deep! In Portuguese and English our conversation surpassed language barriers. Turns out she has been living in the same neighborhood I live in for 43 years! She is full of wisdom, love and compassion and she is a seeker. Seeking to learn more about herself, life, love, the world, spirituality etc. What a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the little corner of that restaurant.

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