Investing in YourSelf!

Today marks a day of self-investment! I have been piggy backing off of WordPress’s free site for months, maybe even years, now, and today was the day! I’m so excited to have my own website! This is big. Huge! I have my own space to create my own little internet world here. It’s like moving into your own home and having the free will to decorate how you want, letting your inner being shine through all of the intricate details of what you call home. I don’t own my own place yet, I rent, but I have slowly learned to decorate to my heart’s desire. What is it about fret? Worrying if it’s going to be good enough. If it’s going to be right? What does it matter really? If I don’t like it, I can change it. That’s what makes a house a home. I recently, well, a year ago now, moved into my ideal home. I am proud to live here, and I am proud to invite people into my sacred space. They get to see a part of me when they walk into my home. My favorite part is the view of the ocean and some green space. I get the best of both worlds. My second favorite part of living here is the fact that it was truly a needle in the the haystack. I found (or did it find me?) an ocean view, proximal to the beach, with a beautiful path to run or walk down any time of the day or night, with my dog or without him. The interior is all me. It came fully furnished but as time has gone by I have made my special touches on the place and I have to say, I love who I am and how I am expressed in my home. Plants, candles, meditation space, yoga space. It’s not a big place but it suits me and my needs. Yeah, sometimes I do things I’m not proud of in my home. I have a little too much wine, eat a little too much and I don’t feel well. Surely this will happen in my World Wide Web Home as well. Okay, I hope I don’t eat or drink too much on here but I’m sure there will be times that I say or do something that I’m not so proud of or that I may second guess. But that’s ok. That only shows the world that I’m not perfect. So there it is, I’m not perfect! Yay! The cat’s out of the bag. Whew. Now I don’t have to live up to that impossible standard. In my little corner of internet world here I plan to develop a home. A place that’s comfortable for all to read, to write, to comment and to connect. I’m sure I’ll have controversial things to say and I am open to any and all confrontations. Without challenges it is hard to make those big leaps of growth. Yes, it’s nice to connect on like mindedness, for sure. I thrive off of these types of connections. But when I’m challenged? That’s when I really grow. Let’s all grow together. Thanks for being part of my world and my little home here in this corner of “Cyber Space”. 😉

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