Clearing Out Doubt

Quick question…have you ever suspected an ulterior motive? Do you find yourself suspecting this a lot in your life? If the answer’s yes, take that and flip it. Do you hold yourself back from doing or saying things because you worry that others might think you have an ulterior motive? Hmm, good question, eh? Truth be told, I used to think that yoga teachers who would say something along the lines of, “the key is to keep a regular practice” maybe had a slight bit of an ulterior motive. Oh, ok, so you just want me to keep coming to your classes…Jeez, Kelsey. Maybe that’s true too, but really, relax. Give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s true, a regular practice is important. It doesn’t matter if it’s daily or weekly. It doesn’t have to be with the same class every time, but each time you go you find out a little something new about yourself. You dig a little deeper, carve out time to invest in what’s going on inside. Like anything that brings you back to your center, walks in nature, meditation, yoga, journaling, visualization, etc, the more you incorporate these activities into your life the more you grow-up inside. So, by the same token, as we give others the benefit of the doubt, loosen up on the reigns and trust a little more, we can turn that trust inward as well. We can trust that our words are coming from the heart and that they fall on non judgemental, loving ears. Instead of assuming that people think the worst, assume they think the best or they are neutral. Or don’t assume they are thinking anything at all. Simply speak and act from your heart, from your inner truth and you can never go wrong. We are beautiful, well-meaning beings and we can live up to our highest nature when we walk our path from our heart. So, let’s do a little pre-Spring Cleaning, break down those cobwebs of doubt and let the sun of your heart shine through.

In Peace,


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