Finding Clarity

Finding clarity in unclear situations is tricky. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are needing clarity or that we aren’t seeing clearly. Sometimes it’s quite obvious. For example, when we have a decision to make and we simply can’t get clear on which way to go. Maybe you have spoken with friends, written out a pro’s and con’s list, slept on it , etc. and you still can’t figure out what to do. What gives?! I feel ya sister. I’m there right now. There are times in my life when I am so clear. Usually these times are when I’m taking great care of my body, my mind and my soul. I am not spending excessive amounts of energy overthinking this, that and the other thing. It’s a natural tendency to dwell on a thought when we have a decision to make about it but it seems that that’s the last thing we should do. Our mind is for thinking our heart is for feeling. So, we can let the thought enter our mind and let it go. It is there. It won’t go away. We don’t have to tend to it every moment, perseverate on it and in turn causing stress over it. In fact, it’s best if we don’t. There is this tendency to hold on tightly and to dive deep into every angle of each possible outcome. Sometimes, when a decision is this difficult to make it means that both options are good. So that’s a nice place to start find space and breathing into. Ok, no stress here. It doesn’t matter so much which option I choose because they are both equally good in there different ways. Yay, I am so lucky to have options. This is a nice, refreshing angle. Next. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Smile. Absorb the luxury of having choice. Did those thoughts enter your mind again? This option or that option? That’s ok. That’s all part of the process. Simply acknowledge that your mind slipped back into perseverating over this decision and let it go again. You know each outcome will be good so whichever way you end up going is going to be ok. Let it go. Sometimes it’s the reaction of others involved that has us tied up. Let that go too. It’s not about “them”. It never is. It’s always about you. This is your life. You have the reigns. Isn’t that wonderful?! You get to guide and shape your life. How fun! You are also quite powerful. So maybe, if there are other people involved in the decision, ask them if there can be an adjustment here and/or there to make one outcome more pleasing. You never know, maybe something will open up and the decision will be as easy as pie. Maybe you don’t have to pick one or the other. Maybe there is space for both options. Most importantly remember, you are lucky to have choice. Many people don’t. This is a luxury. Take stock in that. Be grateful with what you have and that you are able to make a choice on the matter. Secondly, relax in knowing that since the decision is so difficult, the two options must be so close in their pro’s and con’s that both will work out just fine. Also, you might choose one thing now and later be able to do the other. Decisions aren’t scary. They may seem black and white, all or nothing, take it or leave it but life just isn’t that way. Usually, in life, there is gray. Many versions of gray. So make the decision, smile, grab on to it, and go for the ride knowing you will be able to make more decisions down the road to fine tune the one that’s got a grip on you now. Big love ~ Namaste

PS Most of this was self-talk to get me through my decision-making hold-up! This life keeps putting things in our path until we learn how to walk through them with ease. Then the next thing falls on the path…this is the journey. Let’s celebrate it!

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