Your Spirit Speaking

Hello Dear One. I am here. Can you see me? I am in your heart. In your chest. Come visit me. Dive deep, through your skin, beyond your rib cage, through your heart, deeper still, into the pit of your soul. I am you. I am here. I am your instinct. Your gut feeling. Your divine wisdom. Ever present. All knowing. I am here. I am you. Why do you run? Why do you turn away from me? Neglect me? You know I will never leave you. We are in this together. Do you see, the further you get from me the more pain comes, filling that space, the separateness. You turn your back to me, to yourself, to your true essential nature, as if you believe that you aren’t worthy, aren’t good enough, and you look out there for the answer, for the identity you wish to be, thinking that that is the answer. Out there somewhere. While all along, I am here. You are here, deep inside, waiting to be recognized, by you. Only you can see me. Only you can free me. You can give me voice and life. You can lift me up by shining a light toward me, toward yourself. You are worthy. I am worthy. Please see me. Please let me live through you. By quieting me I am stifled, suffocating in your heart. And no matter how far you go to find the answer I will always be here, I am the answer. Please see this. Please come back. Let’s hold each other, join hands, and go out into the world as one. In strength and in love.

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