Revolving Seasons

Good morning and Happy Spring!

Spring? Is it now? Ok, it’s just the end of February, so, it’s not officially Spring, yet, but it sure feels like it, both in my heart and in Nature. Walking along the path this morning I encountered so much inspiration from Nature. Today is February 24th, a Monday. The last week of February in 2020. We have been living in 2020 for 8 weeks now. Two months. Many of us have made resolutions, many have tossed them aside by now, many are still going strong, many, still, have slipped and restarted, many didn’t start “on time” for lack of ideas or time, many didn’t make resolutions…for as many of us as there are in the world, there are situations, and there is no one size fits all, for it is all allowed, and it is all acceptable. You are doing it right, right now, right here. Good job at Life! Give yourself a pat on the back and a smile for making it to today.

Some things that occurred to me as I was passing gorgeous plants, some showing new growth, some glistening with dew in the morning sunlight, some, still, shying away – tucked behind tall grasses, some reaching for the heavens – inspiring me to do the same, some celebrating their recent past showing colors of red in their leaves leftover from the darker winter days. How incredibly identical we are to Nature. Wait a minute, what am I saying, we are Nature.

Ah, the cycles of life. The seasons constantly change. From the emergence of Spring, as we see new growth at the tips of plants and dewdrops on the leaves, to Spring in full force with baby animals bouncing all around in their new life, moving into the end of Spring as the heat ramps up, the summer plants bloom while the delicate Spring plants subside. People throw on their swimsuits, kids get off school and the rush of summertime fun flips into full force. Landscapes begin to brown from the heat that pulls us outside for the next few months, like a whispering soul, calling our name, cajoling us with invisible hands gently cupping our hearts, leading us out the front door into the the sunny day ahead. We step out, almost without thought, beaming into the joyfulness suspended in the rays of sunshine. Picnics, barbecues, slip n slides, pool parties, the crescendo hits, it’s the grand finale and bam! We experience the longest day of the year and now we slowly start to decrescendo, back down the scale, trying to cast aside, disregard, the fact that darker days are coming. We frolic in the remains of Summer. Back to school shopping, some last minute visits from family and friends, a few last beach days before it’s “back to business”. Funny how summer = play. We are lovingly, conscientiously escorted to Winter through Fall. Nature knows how Winter can be difficult on the human spirit, any spirit for that matter. Nature knows, so she holds our hand and turns all the leaves different colors, so we can get mesmerized in her magical beauty. Wow! We get lost in the wonders of the divine science of life, the effects from the distance between the Sun and Earth, which make it possible to have life on Earth. Which brings to mind to Moon and her effect on the tides of the ocean as well as in the woman’s cycle. As we ponder these miracles we naturally are drawn inward, into self-reflection…ah, the calmness of Fall. Like crawling under a fresh, soft blanket on a late sunny afternoon with a cup of tea, a plush pillow and soft music. We tenderly get lulled away into the cooler, darker days of Winter and before we know it we are opening out eyes, from our afternoon nap. Our soft blanket has turned into a heavy handmade quilt. The branches which held brightly colored leaves are now naked, erect with forbearance and steadfastness. This is a time for closeness, cuddling with loved ones under blankets, crafting perfect fires in the fireplace, sipping hot beverages, bundling up in sweaters and heavy Winter coats. The animals have gone to sleep except for some birds that still flutter from twig to twig. Luckily we get the first snow fall, bringing magical sparkles into our world – the wonder of Winter. There’s a certain mystery is the depths of this icicle season. Something that sends our hearts soaring into a world of make believe, where reindeer fly, elves make toys and presents are delivered to everyone in the world in just one night. Although this time of year wears as many hats as there are cultures and traditions, still, we are lovely beings, to create such dreams. Hope. Love. Unity. During the darkest time of the year, humans have devised a world of make believe to keep the Spirit lifted, until once again, the emergence of Spring peaks through.

Yes, we are Nature. We go through all Seasons as well. There are times in our lives where we struggle, sometimes we this we will never see the light of day again, but eventually the struggle passes, and light enters our world again. Sometimes we are flying! It’s as if nothing can stand in our way, our path is unfolding perfectly before us, almost effortlessly, and we simply spread our wings and the wind carries us to our highest heights. Summer. Then there are the transitions. The times when we know we are learning. We feel the fall from the high times or we feel the rise from out of the dark times. This is Fall and Spring. What we must keep in mind is the ever-changing aspect of life. Sometimes it can feel like the phase we’re in will last forever. It’s important to know that it won’t. Even when it’s Summer. It’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you are a pessimist. It won’t detract from your Summer. I promise. In fact, it might even extend it, or make the transition into Fall easier, because you aren’t attached to the good feelings. Ever notice how when you have a really good day you want to duplicate it the next day, but in trying to do this it falls way short? Well, this is because placing expectations on your previous day wasn’t what made it phenomenal in the first place. It was living in the present and taking each moment as it comes. Once we let go of attachment we can honestly look at our current situation and celebrate it, too, for what it is. For there is magic in every step along the way. Find the magic. Get quiet. Go within. You are a world within yourself. Revel in your seasons. Open your heart, reach your stem to the heaves and let the sun pour in. You are loved. I love you.

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