In a Funk?

How to swing back from a “funk”.

1st – Let yourself be in the funk. Be in it. Feel it. Know it. “Darkness has it’s teachings” -Trevor Hall. Journal. Talk with friends. Meditate. Self massage. Be the witness of your state.

2nd – Feed yourself lively for. What’s that? Plant based – cooked veggies and pulses w/herbs and spices, quality olive oil or ghee and a squeeze of 🍋. Your mind and body will thank you for it immediately. 🙏 Honestly, the physical response you get from caring for your body by attentively cooking a meal filled with nutrients and then consuming that pure divine food enlivens your inner intelligence and not only soothes but brings bliss to the mind, body and soul.

3rd – Get active (outside is even better). Take a hike. Walk. Jog. Swim. Bike ride. Yoga. The movement of your body brings you back into it, to celebrate it and ask the miracles it is capable of. Emotion is stored in the body and moving releases it. Add to that the benefits of breathing fresh air, seeing and hearing nature, birds, trees, bugs… This brings a sense of perspective, a lightness, and knowingness and trust.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Smile. And tell yourself how freakin’ phenomenal you are. ♥️

The world needs exactly You, just the way you are. 🌐

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