Born in the United States in the quaint little town of Juneau, Alaska. My father is Hawaiian with Portuguese ancestry and my mother is Californian with German and Czech ancestry. As a child my mom showed me the world through travel. Thailand, Italy and Mexico were just a few places she took me to explore. My father brought me back to his roots in Hawaii where I played with frogs, snorkeled with sea turtles and lived the Hawaiian life while meeting my Hawaiian family. Travel and heritage have been my passion for as long as I can remember. Two years ago I took three months during the fall/winter to explore Europe. With a backpack on my back and a EurRail pass in hand I flew over the Atlantic Ocean setting foot in Munich, Germany first. Three months and thirteen countries later my feet would be wishing farewell to Turkey as I boarded my flight back to the US. Many adventures were had and memories made. I especially made it a point to visit Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal so that I could connect with the air of the blood that runs through me. While in Portugal a deeper connection was made with special human being. Now, two years later, I find myself back here in Portugal, living with this special being, exploring life, culture, love, and spirituality. Here in Portugal if you have Portuguese ancestry they say that one of your ribs is Portuguese…so I guess you could say I’ve come full circle. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here but I do know that part of this journey is finding love and strength within. After many years of practicing yoga I decided to take a course to become a teacher. I am excited to share the love and compassion for body, mind and spirit with others. Connecting with people¬†on a more intimate level is one of the miracles we get to enjoy as human beings. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, come join me for a full circle practice where we tap into¬†our body, mind, and soul.