First Blog!

Well, after two years of having this website I have finally found the blog page! Haha! I guess we never stop learning, huh? As long as we keep searching and keep ourselves open and available to life’s little (and big) lessons. I will attempt to keep this short and sweet. Just and little entry to get the ball rolling here.

Life has been full of many changes, surprises, challenges and accomplishments these past couple years. From getting my Yoga Teacher Certificate to teaching my first class on land, then on the ocean, with dry spells in between, gears shifting to various other forms of work, sprinkling in some Ayurveda with some Traditional Chinese Medicine and most recently the biggest and best finale of it all was a Celebration of Love and Light at Boom Festival 2018. Sigh, what the universe has planned for us is so much bigger than we could ever imagine. I am so happy to let go and let live. Yes, it is scary as hell sometimes. Let go? I don’t want to! I’m afraid I’ll fall, drown, get lost…die. But that’s truly not possible. We are humans, we thrived beyond the stage of being a little seed and we will thrive on, there is no doubt about that. You will never let yourself be less than you are so trust that, trust yourself to show up for yourself and relax, let go, and watch the universe provide with with limitless, unending possibilities. You will take leaps and bounds like Pocahontas prancing through the forest if you just let yourself be free, believe, soar!

Please feel free to post anything here. Let’s get the conversation started! Peace and Love

Hmm, now it looks like I’ve “blogged” twice before. Maybe I didn’t realize what I was doing. ūüôā

Oh, also, I wanted to share one more thing. This is a quote from Geneen Roth’s webpage for her book This Messy Magnificent Life. “Yet it was only when Geneen stopped trying to change herself – that she was at last able to feel at home in her mind, body, and life.” Wow, so powerful! If you have a self-curiosity, a yearning to live your better and best life, are looking for answers or to be understood, even if you don’t know it yet. Geneen Roth has published multiple books, Women, Food, and God and This Messy Magnificent Life are just a couple. She also has a FB page where she is very active. It’s a great resource and I just wanted to share it with you all here. Let me know if you have any questions on how to access Geneen Roth and her powerful tools. She also holds retreats.


I am excited to welcome you to the launch of my new website! The main focus for this website is yoga but I also tutor English so you can schedule tutoring sessions here as well. There is a page for registration and payment through paypal. Due to the fact that this site is in it¬īs infancy stage I am open and interested in questions and comments regarding changes to the site that might allow for more ease as you move about the pages.

A little bit about me.

I have been living in Lisbon for 3 months now. I moved here from the US to follow my heart to love. Little did I know that I would fall so deeply in love with this¬†beautiful country called Portugal as well. I have Portuguese blood in me from a few generations back on¬†my dad¬īs side of the family and the more people I meet here the more I feel like I¬īm being welcomed back to my home land. It is a feeling and an experience that¬†I never imagined and I am enjoying the journey.

I¬†was raised by my incredible mother¬†in a lovely little town in Alaska called Juneau. My father and mother divorced when I was 2 but I was one of the lucky kids who never saw her parents agrue if they were upset with each other. As a child¬†my parents took my sister and I¬†camping in the lush green forest, hike the amazing trails to waterfalls, lakes, and oceans. Nature has always been a place where I¬†have¬†found peace and creativity. I also discovered yoga early in life. I remember going to the gym with my girlfriend before high school to enjoy and pilates or yoga class. There is something special about these classes¬†that allow you to connect with others while connecting to your deeper self through physical mental and emotional exploration. Throughout my childhood my mom and dad took me on various trips to Hawaii (my dad’s homeland) Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Mexico, and other states in the U.S. from my mom’s homeland of California to my stepdad¬īs homeland of Alabama. All this traveling opened my eyes, instilled cultural sensitivity, broadened my horizons and planted this seed of passion for exploring the world. In my twenties I tried my hand in various careers while simultaneously taking college classes. I never knew exactly what I wanted ¬†for a career in life and my college courses reflect that. In 2002 I began my college career in Flagstaff, Arizona with a focus in Anthropology. During this time I decided to become a certified veterinary assistant and work with animals. I worked in this field for a few years in various clinics as well as caring for people’s pets in their home while they traveled or if their four-legged family members needed a midday visit while they were at work. In 2008 I changed scenery and moved to Boise, Idaho where my mom, stepdad and sister all were living. With the geographical move came an educational move into the health sciences discipline. While working at the Idaho Humane Society I enrolled in a course to become a certified nurse assistant. I thought it would be great to work¬†in healthcare with¬†other human beings. I quickly realized that this was a little “off the mark” as well. As I was heading toward a nursing degree I took a slight turn to the right and landed with a bachelor’s of science in Psychology in 2013. As a graduation gift to myself I traveled back to Alaska to spend the summer with my dad and work in tourism. What a wonderful summer this was. It was a time to connect with my dad on another level, as an adult. Share dreams, memories, make memories and strengthen the father daughter bond. It was also a summer of reinforcing my love of working with people. Tourism is surely a fun field, you can stand in one spot and¬†through conversation travel all over the world. By the end of the summer I had saved enough money to take myself on a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe that I had wanted to do since graduating from highschool in 2002. I visited 13 countries and met countless amazing people. Some relationships held stronger than others. I went back to the US in 2015 a little confused about what was next for my life. Thinking I might go back to traveling I enrolled in a TEFL course so that I could be certified to teach English as a foreign language. The next thing I knew I was offered a position with a marketing company to grow and become a manager in the business. Here I learned the power of self confidence, determination, and always knowing that with a positive attitude you can do anything when you set your mind to¬†it. It was an incredible environment of support and continuous growth. After giving my life to this career for a little over a year it became clear to me that owning my own marketing company was also not my calling. After a visit from Bruno in February, one of the relationships from my European adventure that held the strongest, I decided to move to Portugal to be with him. Joker, my beautiful boxer landed in Lisbon May 6th and I landed 5 days later.

During the last three months of living in Lisbon I have been learning the language, meeting some great friends, trained and registered for a half marathon and completed a yoga teacher training course, which was primarily given in Portuguese. Yoga has been a constant in my life over the last 15 years. I have been a student in many yoga classes, experiencing the joy and the power of self discovery through the words, postures, and the genuine care of my instructors. I am excited to be on the other side of the table, to share with others the many profound experiences that yoga has in store for all who practice. From beginner to advanced, we can all grow and be our best self through the practice of yoga.