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Be The Change is about living to one’s full potential as a human being through the practice of yoga. One of my favorite mottos is “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Through yoga we go forth in this journey to find peace, self-love, appreciation, strength and acceptance. Yoga practice is a special time that you set aside and dedicate to yourself. There is no competition in yoga because everyone’s path is unique with a focus on individuality. When we truly focus on our breathing and place our awareness internally we discover what needs attention in our life in the present moment. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I invite you to join me on the mat to take an introspective tour on this journey we call life.

The type of yoga I teach is Integral which means that we will address body, mind, and soul. Integral yoga is a classic yoga style where we respect the 8 steps (Astanga). The postures are more static and I incorporate a segment for meditation and a segment for pranayamas (breathing exercises) with the majority of time spent on asanas (postures). The main concept of integral yoga is that we are multidimensional beings so it makes sense that when we practice yoga we address and embrace these dimensions, body, mind, and soul.

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